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Annette Offringa MD

Annette works as a clinician and indepent researcher at Clues2Cure. She has a broad clinical background, is patient driven, and never stopped studying disease mechanisms.


Roy Montijn PhD

Roy is molecular biology scientist and head Microbiology & Systems Biology at TNO, the Dutch instute for applied physics. He let his high ranked scientif network review our hypothesis, and then strongly felt he had to support this.


Vanya Loroch PhD

Vanya is professor in Moleculair Biology, specialist in precision medicine, science storyteller, and initiator of The Second Front, which focus is oncology research with real patient outcomes.


Sara-Joan Pinto-Sietsma PhD

Sara-Joan is working as a vascular internist at the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. She joined our team through this website and is a valuable member eversince.


Otto Offringa

Since the idea of ARB’s as a protective factor in Covid-19 was formulated by his wife on Feb 12th, Otto has been connecting scientists, and advocating for research and trials. Our contact to the press, and government, now  working on data-collaboration.


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